A couple of game developers.

The story of Kiemura.

The family that makes games together.

Kiemura is a game company from Kotka, a small town on the southeast coast of Finland. We develop and release video games for mobile, PC and game consoles. We are also available for hire for game and web development projects.

Kiemura was founded in August 2015 by married couple Jyri and Piia Kilpeläinen. Before founding the company, Jyri and Piia released five mobile games on their free time. Their breakthrough title was Tiltagon which was published in April 2015 by Canadian game publisher Noodlecake Games. Tiltagon has currently over 1.3 million downloads worldwide which helped the couple to reach their long-time dream: their own game company.

Jyri and Piia have two daughters and two dogs who all make sure that the life at Kilpeläinen residence never gets boring.

Fun fact: Kiemura means 'a squiggle' in English.


Kiemura in media

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Meet the team

Jyri Kilpeläinen

Jyri Kilpeläinen
Co-founder, CEO & Programmer


Jyri's love for video games goes all the way back to his childhood in the 1980s. Games like Alley Cat and Super Mario Bros. sparked his interest in all things digital.

With over 10 years of experience in game and web development, Jyri takes care of all the things that require a person capable of talking with the machines.

Piia Kilpeläinen
Co-founder, CFO & Designer


Construction engineer turned game designer and 3D artist. Piia may not be the family's most active gamer but she sure can help in creating one.

When not designing games, Piia can be spotted going through company's financial figures armed with a calculator.

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