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Game and web development services with 15+ years of experience.

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15 shipped games, over 5.5 million players and 15+ years of development experience make Kiemura a perfect partner for game and web development projects. We can help you with everything from design and prototyping to programming, visuals and even marketing and publishing!

. Game development

We use Unity3D game engine which allows us to create and release games on 25+ platforms such as iOS, Android, PC, modern game consoles and web browsers. Thanks to its robust 2D and 3D features, Unity is a good choice also for many non-gaming projects as well as AR and VR content.


  • C# game programming
  • 3D Modelling
    (ZBrush, Substance Painter and Designer, Qubicle, Blender)
  • 2D and vector graphics
    (Photoshop, Inkscape)
  • Prototyping, demos and full games
  • Game, UI and UX design
  • Plugins, backends and online multiplayer features
  • Monetization and analytics
  • Trailers, screenshots and other promotional content
  • Publishing and marketing

. Full-Stack Web development

For the past 15+ years we have built numerous websites and services, large and small. Our vast experience with web technologies such as PHP and HTML5 allows us to design and build responsive websites that are highly usable and easy to update.


  • Full-Stack web development
    (PHP, HTML5, Javascript, MySQL, MongoDB, Apache, Amazon S3, WebGL)
  • Responsive UI and UX design
  • Development with different frameworks & CMS
    (Laravel, Bolt, CakePHP, Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla)
  • SEO services

Flowstate Games

Flowstate Games .

Flowstate Games is a Helsinki-based mobile game company founded by industry veterans. We developed flexible analytics, in app purchase and advertisement components for use in their upcoming games.

Nitro Games

Nitro Games .

Nitro Games Plc is a free-to-play mobile game company listed on Nasdaq First North Stockholm. We did advanced Unity3D programming and build pipeline features for their games Medals of War and Heroes of Warland.


T-Base .

T-Base is Microsoft certified software company from Finland. We worked as part of their team and developed a business desktop application for one of their clients. The application was created using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), C# and SQL Server.


Futurice .

Futurice is a digital innovation and engineering company from Finland. We were part of their Unity3D development team creating Microsoft HoloLens VR / AR demo for Nokia pavilion at Mobile World Congress 2017.

Part Time Monkey

Part Time Monkey .

Part Time Monkey is an indie game company with 40M+ combined downloads. We developed an easy-to-use Unity3D plugin for crosspromoting their games as well as a backend dashboard for managing the game and advertisement data.

Kukouri Mobile Entertainment

Kukouri Mobile Entertainment .

Kukouri Mobile Entertainment is a Finnish game company known for their Tiny Troopers franchise. We helped them with Unity3D UGUI design and programming for their latest mobile sandbox game Pixel Worlds

Kymenlaakso museum

Kymenlaakso museum .

Kymenlaakso museum is a modern museum located in Kotka, Finland. We have been their partner in various exhibitions and have developed a web-based backend solution for their Android tablets which give more in-depth details about their exhibition items.