High-speed arcade racing in futuristic landscape.

Fasten your seatbelts!

Hovercrash is a fast-paced arcade racer for mobile devices. Your mission is to pilot a high-speed anti-gravity ship in futuristic landscape. The constantly increasing speed and various obstacles push you to your limits as you try to survive for as long as possible.


  • High-speed arcade racing in colourful, futuristic landscape
  • Easy-to-learn one finger controls
  • ReplayKit Live: Broadcast live gameplay directly from your device (requires iOS 10)
  • Unlockable anti-gravity ships
  • Energetic EDM soundtrack

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Press and reviews!

"While not the first avodance racer of this type, Hovercrash looks to do the formula with a slick futuristic art style, a great sense of speed, and some pretty bad ass hovercraft."


"Endless runners can be both aggravating and endlessly fun, and Kiemura's upcoming anti-gravity racer, Hovercrash, is shaping up to be an absolute beauty."

Pocket Gamer